12 Essential Honda Fit Accessories to Gift on Christmas

At first glance, the Honda Fit may appear small, but open the door and the entire conversation changes. With a spacious cabin, extended cargo space, and a configurable rear seat, the Fit can transport multiple items (and people) with ease. Best yet, you can upgrade your Fit with authentic Honda accessories designed to enhance its style and functionality. More importantly, you’ll be adding features that will increase your overall safety, protect your Fit’s appearance, and represent your extraordinary character. 

With Christmas fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to find a Honda Fit accessory and leave it wrapped under that special someone’s tree. Here are 12 essential Honda accessories that we recommend for you or all your Fit-driving loved ones. 

  1. Car Cover.  Jacksonville gets a lot of rain and a great deal of sun. Add to that, dust and lots of pollution. Without a car cover, these elements have the potential to damage your vehicle. Protect your investment by also investing in a genuine Honda Fit car cover.
  2. All-Season Protection Package.  Keep your carpets intact and safeguard them from undesirable foot debris, spills, and snags with Honda all-season floor mats.
  3. Door Visors.  Keep the fresh air flowing inside your Fit on rainy days by installing door visors.  They will allow you to keep the windows down a bit without getting rain inside the cabin.
  4. Cargo Liner.  Protect the carpet in the cargo area from damage and deterioration. If your giftee is a frequent explorer of the Lake City and Jacksonville beaches, this Honda Fit cargo liner should work well for all their seaside expeditions.
  5. First Aid Kit.  Accidents happen, and when injuries occur, they are hopefully minor enough to treat with the supplies in a convenient first aid kit.
  6. 16″ Machine Finish Alloy Wheels.  It’s true they add a visual splash of amazing, but beyond that, these premium wheels help ensure the longevity of the wheel bearings, suspension joints, and tires themselves — all while keeping you safe as you travel along I-95.
  7. Wheel Locks.  Now that you’ve added an exceptional set of alloy wheels to that Honda Fit, you need to make sure they stay in place by applying the chrome-plated, nickel-finished wheel locks. Stay safe.
  8. LED Fog Light Kit.  It’s raining.  It’s pouring.  It’s foggy.  You’re practically blind to everything in front of you.  But with LED Fog Lights installed, precision optics will provide you with enhanced visibility, making any Honda Fit fit for inclement weather and poor conditions.
  9. Car Care Kit.  No matter how hard you try to avoid spills, spots and keep your windows clean, it’s inevitable that they’ll still happen.  But a Honda car care kit will help if you keep it close by and use it quickly after a mishap.
  10. Center Pocket Liner.  Coffee, tea, soda bottles, cans, cell phones, keys, coins — need we say more? — can scratch and stain your cup holders.  To avoid the diminishing appearance of your holder, insert a sturdy pocket liner into the center console for long-lasting protection.
  11. Door Edge Guards.  Protect your doors from the constant kicking, bumping, scratching, and scraping that occurs when entering and exiting. Door edge guards will ensure your Honda Fit looks as good as new, even years down the line.
  12. Moonroof Visor.  If you enjoy having the moonroof open all the time, even during rain showers and under the full-on sun, it’s imperative to have a moonroof visor.  The visor will help minimize noise from the wind, protect you from the rain, and prevent unwanted glare.

While there are several other accessories for the 2018 Honda Fit, these are just our Honda dealers’ recommendations. If you feel like another Honda Fit accessory might fit the bill this Christmas, allow our Honda dealers near Augustine, FL, assist you in choosing the perfect holiday present. We’ll help you order and even install authentic Honda parts and add-ons to a Fit or any other Honda model.

Find and contact your local First Coast Honda Dealers location around Lake City or Jacksonville to schedule a service appointment, request an OEM car part or accessory, and ask about our current specials. And be sure to have a very joyous holiday!

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