2021 Honda Ridgeline: Still the Swiss Army Knife of Trucks

A long time ago (15 years), in a galaxy far, far away (right here, in America), Honda released its first and only pickup truck, the Ridgeline. It was an unexpected release — who knew trucks could utilize unibody sedan frames so darn well? — with equally eccentric and unconventional segment-first features. 

On the truck side, Honda Ridgeline had the ability to haul up to 5,000 pounds, payloads in the half-ton range, and full 4×8 plywood sheets with ease. Yet, with sedan DNA blazing through its trailblazing veins, Ridgeline’s convenient and incredibly unique in-bed trunk could swallow a weekend’s worth of gear. See? Unconventional. 

Even so, the Ridgeline quickly grew in popularity, rising up the ranks to eventually rival some of the segment’s top 4×4 and AWD pickups. 

That’s where our story picks up. Now regarded as midsize-truck royalty, the highly versatile, one-size-fits-all Ridgeline gets a proper makeover for 2021, while carrying over many of those ultra-eccentric features everyone’s grown to love. Redesigned and ready to rumble, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline has once again reignited our rabid and ravenous desire to live life unconventionally. 

What’s new for the 2021 Honda Ridgeline?

Standard AWD

Every new Honda Ridgeline comes with an advanced all-wheel drive system that Honda’s dubbed as “i-VTM4.” The AWD system improves traction control, handling, and maneuverability on slick, muddy, and dusty roads by automatically adjusting torque output. Up to 70% of the 3.5L V6 engine’s 262 lb-ft of torque can be sent to the rear wheels for the extra va-va-voom when needed. 

2021 Ridgeline - Standard AWD

Ridgeline also benefits from a standard Intelligent Traction Management System, which perfectly modulates power and delivery output via four unique drive modes: Normal, Snow, Mud, and Sand. 

18” Wheels

Along with a variety of exterior “improvements” — among which include a new hood, Radiant Red Metallic II paint, a squared-off front fender, and aerodynamic side vents — the Ridgeline also earns its truckdom badge of honor: Standard 18-inch wheels with all-season tires. 

2021 Ridgeline - 18 inch Wheels

Honda Performance Development (HPD)

Taking its dynamic and daring appearance to the next level, Ridgeline can also be packaged as a Honda Performance Development (HPD) model. The all-new, never-before-seen HPD Package adds several unique accents and features:

  • Special front grille treatment
  • Black fender flares
  • Aggressive bronze wheels
  • HPD-specific graphics along the bed wall
2021 Ridgeline - Honda Performance Development

HPD packaging is available on all Ridgeline trims.

Revised Infotainment & Center Stack

Graphics have improved. Speed has improved. Touchscreen input has improved. Everything about the new Ridgeline’s center stack and infotainment system is better.

2021 Ridgeline - Infotainment

Like many new Honda vehicles, the 2021 Ridgeline also features a physical, rotary volume knob for its audio system. All hail the knob!

Cut the cord and embrace a wire-free life with Ridgeline’s available wireless phone charging pad. It’s compatible with most newer smartphones and devices.

Cabin Accents

World-class seats gain new and unique contrast stiction across all Ridgeline trims. Ridgeline Sport models also add new cloth seat cushion inserts for improved comfort.

2021 Ridgeline - Cabin Accents

A new dashboard can also be found in the Ridgeline Sport, RTL and RTL-E, which includes an accented steering wheel and center console.

If it Ain’t Broke…

Although it certainly hasn’t shied away from being an off-road diva, the new Ridgeline hasn’t betrayed its roots in favor of a more rugged redesign. Now in its 15th year on Earth, the 2021 Ridgeline keeps its foot on the pedal by delivering many of the same features that got it here. 

2021 Ridgeline - Lay Flat Truck Bed

Lay-Flat Truck Bed

Ridgeline was designed to make everything simpler. The lay-flat bed is evidence of that, allowing you to lay 4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood down flat. 

2021 Ridgeline - Dual-Action Tailgate

Dual-Action Tailgate

Swing it to the left or flip it down south, the dual-action tailgate on the Ridgeline gives you easier access to the bed and can even hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

2021 Ridgeline - Truck-Bed Outlet

Truck Bed Power Outlet

An available 150W/400W power outlet is embedded in the wall of Ridgeline’s bed, giving you the juice you need for power tools, TVs, or any other corded device.

2021 Ridgeline - In-Bed Trunk

In-Bed Trunk

Again, Ridgeline’s eccentricity is on full display in its trunk. Store up to 7.3 cubic feet of gear inside with a Cargo Divider accessory, or use it as a cooler; the in-bed trunk also features a central drain plug for easier clean-up.

2021 Ridgeline - Truck Bed Audio System

Truck Bed Audio

Bring your tunes anywhere — the campsite, out in the mountains, your driveway — with Ridgeline’s industry-first in-bed audio system. You can control your music from the cabin’s touchscreen or even your mobile device, which is handy when you’re cozying up around a campfire.

Shop Honda Ridgeline in Jacksonville

If you’re looking for a good truck for work, tailgating or the occasional home improvement project, Ridgeline’s still your guy/gal. That’s because, even after a decade and a half, no other truck offers the same level of versatility, flexibility, or any other form of “-ility” as the Honda Ridgeline — period. 

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