Each NFL season ends with one football team carrying out the Lombardi Trophy after “The Big Game.” But for some of us, watching the “bowl of super” is exciting because of the car commercials, not the final score. To get you ready for the game – that’s in Atlanta on February 3, 2019 – here are some super-funny and super-endearing Honda commercials from games past. Enjoy!



The Honda Odyssey has been breaking rules for over two decades. It was the first minivan in America to offer a built-in vacuum. It has an incredible EPA-estimated fuel efficiency. It includes a highly versatile sliding second-row seat. What’s not to love about this bad boy? Watch the Honda van commercial above, or swing into your nearest First Coast Honda Dealers to test drive the 2019 Odyssey in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

Don’t Be A Square


Utterly surreal, this 2016 Honda Civic commercial is fuel for nightmares—but we love it. If you don’t plan on sleeping well tonight, give it a peek.

Meow Is The Moment To Shop Honda


It’s like Inception, but for Honda—and with cats. This Honda commercial purrfectly combines our societal love for kitties with Honda-grade quality. Watch it right meow.

A Honda Journey Back In Time


For over 60 years, Honda has been innovating how the world drives. So, it’s not a surprise that this hand-drawn animated Honda video is as imaginative as any car commercial we’ve ever seen. This ad proves what even a small group of creative geniuses can do.

Dogs Love The Honda Pilot


Last year’s 2019 Honda Pilot commercial is fun, straight to the point, and includes a talking dog. Not since Lassie has there been a Collie so beloved, and we vote in favor of giving him every canine acting job in Hollywood.

Virtual Reality Is The Best Reality


What’s the best way to test out a Honda Civic? (Other than visiting one of our Honda dealerships near Jacksonville, of course?) Take a 360° virtual test drive and behold the spectacle that is VR.

A Ridgeline To Love


Some car commercials from The Big Game are baaad, but this Honda commercial featuring the Ridgeline and one of Queen’s beloved hits is anything but. Like a shepherd to its herd, the Honda Ridgeline is the undisputed leader of its pack.


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