If you’re like many of the customers and employees at your Local First Coast Honda Dealers, you’ve excitedly bought all kinds of products from online retail giant Amazon. With your busy everyday schedule, the chances of you being home while the package is set to arrive are pretty slim. Instead of waiting by the door, you’re probably at work, at school, or running household errands around Jacksonville. In the back of your mind, you’re most likely worrying that if you aren’t at home to accept your delivery, someone may come up to your door and help themselves to your Amazon order.


Honda Key by Amazon

Saved by the Key

To prevent that exact event from happening, Amazon has teamed up with Honda to turn a few models into a convenient in-car delivery box. Amazon Prime members can have deliveries sent straight to their car’s trunk in just a few hours, as long as the vehicle is compatible and located in one of the cities within the service area.

Those cities include Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas as well as major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Miami, and Orlando. The service is coming soon to Lake City and St. Augustine in Florida, and Waycross and Brunswick in Georgia.

Using the Service

Using Honda Key by Amazon is easy and convenient:

1. Download the Honda Key by Amazon app to your smartphone and complete a one-time setup.

2. Place your order on Amazon as you normally do. Tens of millions of items sold at the online retailer are eligible. However, items that are bulky, heavy, or weigh over 50 pounds are excluded.

3. When you reach the checkout, choose in-car delivery as your option, which also reveals the estimated delivery time window and delivery date. The time window specified is a 4-hour interval: typically 5 PM to 9 PM for same-day delivery and 11 AM to 3 PM for 2-day shipping. Amazon does not charge extra for this option.

4. The vehicle must be parked in a publicly accessible area within two blocks of the address you specified. The App shows how far you can park to receive in-car delivery.

The Amazon app advises you that your package is “arriving now,” when the delivery driver heads for your vehicle. The vehicle is located the applicable GPS; the trunk is unlocked remotely using the software, deposits your purchase, and locks it using the same application. You will receive notice when your vehicle is locked, and then a final notification confirming delivery is completed.

There is less danger of your package disappearing when it’s safely secured within your vehicle. As an added bonus, your purchase won’t be damaged when the driver throws it over a locked gate into your yard. However, if something does go wrong, you can rely on the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee, which is that if your delivery is not to your satisfaction or your purchase was damaged during delivery, Amazon will work with you to make it right.

Compatible Models

Honda models that can take advantage of this service are those equipped with the HondaLink Remote Package, which currently costs $110 a year. You’re eligible for a free trial, if you activate the service within 90 days of purchasing your new vehicle. The following models are currently compatible.

Honda plans to add Key to more models in the future. Vehicles that incorporate 4G LTE WiFi capability and HondaLink connected-car services will be eligible. To test drive these models and experience Honda Key by Amazon, contact one of your Local First Coast Honda Dealers today.