If you’re thinking about new year resolutions, you might be considering how to live a healthier lifestyle like millions of other resolution-setters around the country. However, there’s another common resolution you might want to consider: spend less and save more.

Here are a few ways you can start saving money in 2018.

Check Your Electric Bill

The average monthly electric bill in U.S. households is $112.59. Of course, you might experience electric bills higher than that if you’ve got a large house or like to pump the AC during the Florida summers. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends the following tips (and more) for lowering your monthly electrical costs:

  • Do an energy audit and make recommended changes.
  • Weatherize your home.
  • Use a smart thermostat and energy efficient appliances.
  • Wash laundry in cooler water and hang clothes to dry.
  • Turn off and unplug electronics (like your computer and coffee maker) when not in use.

Re-Shop for Your Services

Call competing car insurance, cell phone, and cable providers, particularly if you are unhappy with your service. Sometimes they magically have special offers available when you threaten to switch providers, which could save you hundreds of dollars over a couple of years.

2018 Honda Hybrids

Drive an Accord Hybrid

The Accord Hybrid offers an impressive 49 mpg in the city, which means you’re spending a lot less on fuel while also enjoying the industry’s first two-motor hybrid system, an ergonomically designed steering wheel, push-button start, wireless charger, and so much more. Not only that, but Kelley Blue Book named the 2017 Accord Hybrid the winner of the Best Resale Value Award, so you’ll get more for it when you trade it in down the line. 

If you’re looking to buy your first Hybrid from one of our Honda dealers near Jacksonville, we’ve got great finance specials to help you stick to your resolution.

Find the Right Car Accessories

Saving time is saving money, and there are some great Honda accessories that can help you do that. 

Floor mats, for example, are easily removed and cleaned and prevent the car floor itself from getting dirty and stained.

A cargo net protects your purchases, preventing spills (and time-consuming clean-up) and breakage. 

Wheel locks discourage tire theft, which is always a good way to prevent losing money.

A car cover prevents scratches and sun damage.

There are great authentic car accessories to pair with your Honda model, and they’re well worth the money. Order your Honda accessories at any of our First Coast Honda Dealers locations.

Maintain Your Car

Maintain Your Car

Simple routine maintenance, including regular oil changes and tire rotations, can prevent costly damage to your vehicle. Schedule a service visit to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

Get in Shape

This is actually two resolutions in one! Getting fit and healthy can help you save money if you’re spending less on doctor’s visits and medications. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or home gym equipment, either; there are plenty of free resources (starting with YouTube!) to help you design and stick to a workout plan.

Browse the Sales

Plan ahead, especially with your major purchases, to make sure you’re taking advantage of the best deals available. Search online for coupons and promo codes, and compare prices from the top brands. When contemplating a large purchase like a mattress, dishwasher, or window treatments, taking some time to watch for deals and compare prices can save you lots of cash.

Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda

A certified pre-owned car is less expensive than a new one, and thanks to Honda’s extensive CPO warranty, you can rest easy knowing you’re driving a great vehicle, too. Our service technicians conduct a multi-point inspection on the mechanical and aesthetic elements of each used vehicle to ensure it meets Honda’s high standards. If you need nice used Honda in Jacksonville, let our used car dealers lend a hand.

From new Honda specials to special financing offers, we have what you need to drive affordably into the new year—and beyond! Enjoy the savings you’ll receive at any of your nearby First Coast Honda Dealers by simply visiting and testing out your preferred ride. We have dealerships throughout the region, including Lake City and Jacksonville, FL.


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