Each year, with the release of Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars list, it’s always a safe bet that the Honda Accord will sit near the top. That’s because, for 30 years, Honda’s celebrated midsize sedan has never not been mentioned as one of the country’s greatest automotive wonders. For 2017, the Accord is very much in the same position to become the nation’s best-selling car—and here’s why.

Continuing the Tradition of Innovation

The 2017 Honda Accord amps up the tech-driven charm that came with last model year’s updates. A favorite amongst Accord owners and their families is the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. Other features such as dual-zone automatic climate controls, Bluetooth, a multi-angle rearview camera, and certain Honda Sensing systems are now standard on the base Accord LX. Features like collision-mitigating braking, navigation, lane-change assist, and blind-spot warning are also available across the Accord lineup.

Fuel economy is yet another perk of owning a 2017 Accord. With the sedan’s efficient inline-4 and CVT, you can expect an EPA-estimated 30 mpg combined. Upgrade to the V6 and performance takes a slight dip (25 mpg combined). Impressive yet is the flawless Honda Accord Hybrid and its amazing 48 mpg combined rating.

Comfortable for the Entire Family

2017 Honda Accord Comfortbable Interior


Although the SUV market is still fire-hot, smaller-sized families aren’t necessarily relegated to crossover-led trips. With the 2017 Accord, spaciousness is a virtue felt from the moment your hair hits the headrest. Rear-seat room is ample, leaving no opportunity for awkward knee-to-knee contact with fellow passengers. Taller occupants will also enjoy the extended headroom within the Accord.

The cabin even remains quiet as a mouse, no matter the road conditions or traveling speed, thanks to active noise cancellation technology. Vibration is subdued, especially in the Accord Sport and Sport SE models, allowing for one of the smoothest rides this side of the Mississippi.

Find a Perfect 2017 Accord at First Coast Honda Dealers

Three decades—that’s how long the Accord has been sitting at the head of the midsize-car table. In fact, the Honda Accord has appeared on the 10Best list more times than most manufacturers total. If that doesn’t indicate quality, we don’t know what will.

If you’re located around the Florida or Georgia towns of Jacksonville, Lake City St. Augustine, Waycross, or Bunswick, visit our Honda dealerships to test out 2017’s latest and greatest car: The Accord. Or if you’re simply playing the waiting game while your current lease expires, be sure to check out next year’s 10Best sedan when it hits our showroom floor (hint: it’s likely also to be the Accord).

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